Plea to the DIY Gods.

We worked our fingers, knees and backs to the bone last night. We clocked out at 11:30 pm. Got the upper cabinet of the dry bar installed, and about 80% of the floor done. Olive was in the way, but well - that's Olive. Wherever we are, she too has to be. Today we are going to make the zillionth trip to Lowe's. Unfortunately for us, of the 19 boxes of flooring Lowe's delivered, 7 had mangled corners. Dill-holes. Idiots. ARGH! We're going to take back the defunct boxes and get what we need to finish up the last bit of floor. Then we'll finish the dry bar area: lower cabinet, utility cabinet and counter top.

Dear Universe & The DIY Gods,

We really need you on our side this weekend. Both Big Red and I are hard workers and willing to take on just about anything. We did not appreciate opening up ruined boxes of flooring. It really put a kink into our plans for finishing the floor, last night. Further, we now have to load the crumby loot into our car and take it back. What we really need are good materials and for all sawing, snapping and hammering to go our way today and tomorrow. You see, this is not just solely for us. My parents are flying all the way from California (you probably know them, they like to do home projects too) to spend our first Christmas in our house with us. Further, I cannot decorate for Christmas until this basement is done. Please. Please do us a big one and let the next 11 days go the way we need them to go.


Wonder Woman & Big Red

ps: We're going to need to stay on your radar for when we tackle the two bathrooms. Just saying.

Olive & Big Red working on the dry bar.

The first few rows of flooring going in...just 395 square feet left!

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