Pretty In Pink.

My friend, T, is having a baby.  Her baby shower is in early June and the woman coordinating and planning her shower asked if I would be willing to make a gift basket as one of the giveaway prizes.  At first I was hesitant.  Big Red is on sabbatical from life as a grease monkey, and is currently working a part-time gig.  Truth be told, it's been wonderful.  The job is low-stress, the hours a fabulous, and he's a happier man.  He may go back into wrenching at some point, but for now, he's enjoying his breather, and I'm enjoying having a pleasant husband who does the dishes - GASP! - without asking.  I know.  It has made me fall in love with him all over again.  Anyhow, given our current finances, nothing of which will propel us into a cardboard condo anytime soon, I didn't want to agree to a pricey favor.  After I inquired about how much folks were being asked to spend, I agreed.  The deal was twenty to thirty dollars, and there needed to be a theme.

My burgeoning crafty mind exploded.  Having just finished a cake decorating class with T, I promptly settled on a baking theme.  While on a trip to Trader Joe's, I came across their cake and frosting mix, and I knew immediately the direction I would take.  Both boxes are pink. Perfect.  I wheeled my buggy back to the beverage isle and picked up a bottle of the pink lemonade. Do you see the theme emerging? Did I forget to mention that T is having a girl?  See it now?

While at IKEA last weekend with Big Red, I picked up a white basket, and today, after a sweaty-ass butt-kicking workout with Gabby (check out her blog!), I stopped in and found at Ross, pretty flowered kitchen towels, and a KitchenAid whisk and ice cream scoop.  Both are pink from the KitchenAid line that donates to breast cancer research.  For kicks I threw in a booklet I found waiting in line for groceries.  It's by Betty Crocker and lists a million different cupcake recipes.
The end result is an adorable "Pretty in Pink in the Kitchen" basket.  I showed it to Big Red when he got home tonight, and he even thought it was cute.  So is it wrong to hope that I win my own basket?  Watch out ladies, I don't plan on crossing any legs and losing clothespins, saying any "buzz" words, and if you're planning on playing name the celebrity's baby - it's so mine. Years of shameless celebrity watching won't be for nuthin. If you're wondering, here's the breakdown on how the mullah was spent:

  • KitchenAid whisk and spoon: $10.50
  • Kitchen towels: $3.50
  • Lemonade, Cake Mix & Frosting: $8
  • Basket: $6
  • Cupcake Booklet: $3
I went over thirty dollars, by just one buck. Not bad if I do say so myself. I just said it myself. I don't plan on wrapping it in cellophane, but I'll definitely add a touch of ribbon here and there.  I might even continue my exquisite craftiness and make a label of some kind. Seriously though, I really do hope I come home with this delightfully pink package.

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Amy said...

Very creative! I'd love to win that basket. How are you doing? I love reading your blog. I'd love to chat sometime. When is a good time to call?