She's Crafty.

I just got back from the Handmade Arcade, my favorite craft show round these here parts.  It's something I look forward to every year, and this year was no different.  With a pocket full o' my prize winnings from the Biggest Loser competition at work, T, two other friends and I, ventured off on this rainy Saturday into the wondrous world of handmade artistry.
We were not disappointed.  There were tables upon tables of incredibly beautiful and fabulously creative works of art.  While I left with three great purchases, I could have easily, had I brought more money with me, left with more.  What struck me the most as I fingered delicate pieces of jewelery and the softest knitted monster and monkey hats for newborns, was the ingenuity of the artists. How did they come up with these ideas?!  And the selection of prints - don't even get me started on those.  If I only had miles and miles of wall space to fill and dollars upon dollars to buy the art. Everything was just so freaking cool.  And while I'm on the subject of cool, can I just say that my next look, should I ever reinvent myself, will be that of a dewy- faced, perfect bangs cut, casually-thrown-together-outfit-but-still-looks-awesome artsy chick.  These women look like they were born bathing in goats milk, and eating nothing but unprocessed food or fruit bought from a farmers market. They look like they watch no TV, are a wiz at the sewing machine, and carry well-worn copies of Dickens or Dostoyevsky in their screen-printed-bird-on-it-somewhere totes, right next to a tube of natural bee's wax lip balm.  They're glowing and healthy, chic and beautiful. That's my next look.

I left the handmade arcade with three delightful items.  The first was from a vendor that sold witty prints, one of which came in a postcard size, and has the map of the US.  For no extra charge, she stamped two locales with hearts.  The caption reads, "it's not that far...really." I got one for myself and one for Mom.  So Mom if you're reading this, then you've ruined your Mother's Day gift.  I plan on finding some pretty scrapbooking paper, and mounting the postcard on the paper, then framing it. Ta-da!  Does this qualify me as crafty?

The second item I took home was another print.  Too cute, so perfect.  Maybe it will hang in a future baby's room?  Exhale, already - there's no bun in the oven, it's just a thought. Click HERE for a closer look at the print.

The final item, the piece de resistance, what I'm most excited about, is a pendant from the designer, Anne Holman:
When I saw Holman's table and the antique maps mounted under perfectly laid resin in handmade settings, drew me in immediately. The pieces were simple, unique and not excessively frilly.  Perfect. As I looked over the pendants, I thought quietly to myself, Man - I wish she had one with Cuba.  As if the universe was listening and seeking to respond, one of the girls I was with-at that very moment-pointed out the pendant with the map of Cuba. Sold. With no hesitations, I said, "I'll take it."

Today is also my first official day of spring break. Sweet mother of god.  I plan on firing up the sewing machine that Mom shipped to me and seeing what kinda craftiness I can get into.  I have a few ideas, not necessarily originals-okay, fine, they're stolen from the geniuses I saw today. Hey, I once had a brilliant writing instructor in college who basically said that if you didn't have a style of your own, imitate one you liked until you found yourself.  A sort of fake it 'til you make it philosophy.  Besides, isn't imitation the most sincerest form of flattery?

Artists, consider yourselves flattered.

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