not quite 26.2

In 1999 I completed the Pittsburgh marathon. The whole thing. All 26.2 miles. It took me 5:47:10. I finished just under the requisite 6 hour mark that would ensure my time was "official." At the time, I said I would NEVER do another marathon again in my life.

Fast-forward twelve years, and resting on my dining room table is my official bib number. Tomorrow is the 22nd running of the Pittsburgh marathon, and I'm going to be part of it - sans 21 miles. I'm participating as part of a relay team with four other colleagues. I'm the last leg. Twelve years ago I thought never, and today, the night before I'm to run my 5 mile portion, I'm thinking: Well, maybe next year I could do the whole thing again...

It's quite an investment to prepare for 26.2 miles, certainly much more significant of an endeavor than taking on a measly 5 miles. I'm tempted. I don't know why, I just know that I am.

My shoes are lined up, my socks laid out, the bib has been pined to my shirt. Every journey begins with a first step. Maybe my resurrected marathon career begins with the last 5 mile leg this year. Could 2012 be the right year to jump back in? It will have been thirteen years since my first go at it. Perhaps lucky?

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