good eats: veggie lo mein

Part of my quest for an excellent, restful, and productive summer,  is seeking out (always) new recipes. And not just any old recipes. Healthy ones. Healthy ones that taste good. You see, I live with a grasshopper legged man who has the palate of a dog's keen snout. Translation: he can taste when an ingredient has been substituted for the low fat version. He can smell the healthy a mile away. Once in a great while I'll come across something that won't add fat to our frames, and he genuinely likes it. Those recipes are pretty much laminated.

Tonight I'm going to try the vegetable lo mein off of the Whole Foods website. One of the Whole Foods cooks from our local store gave a presentation during our last day of work. He had a lot to say that made sense, some stuff of which I've already known and heard before. The biggest takeaway was reaffirmation that both Big Red and I need to get more greens onto our plates. I'm all for it. Big Red, to say the least, is skeptical. And that's why I've got my fingers crossed that the lo mein I'm about to make tastes good...

...we've just finished eating our DELICIOUS meal and the lo mein passed the Big Red sniff out anything healthy test. He agreed that because the whole wheat pasta noodles were quickly pan fried (after being boiled al dente) in a touch of sesame oil, then drizzled and tossed with a mixture of hoisin and soy sauce, the typical grainy quality was undetectable. When I was stir frying the veggies, they did cook down quite a bit. Next time I'm going to double, perhaps triple, the amount of veggies I add. This was about getting more green on the plate, no?

I'm telling you what - this recipe is a keeper. It was scrumptious and the best part? Since there are only two of us, there are plenty of leftovers!

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