summer: day 4

What a gloriously relaxing day 4. Big Red had the day off, an unexpected surprise, so Olive and I let him sleep in while we took our morning walk. The weather has been outstanding - 70s and very low humidity. We did our loop and came back to Big Red awake and having his morning coffee. While Olive and Big Red caught up, I hit the elliptical for half an hour and then did some upper body weights.

After some lunch, Big Red and I hit Target to stock up on some staples, and then it was back home. Big Red wolfed down his Taco Bell lunch, and I had a snack of yogurt and granola. I've discovered a new brand of granola that our grocery store is carrying: Cascadian Farm. It's organic and it's scrumptious. We prefer the maple brown sugar variety. Then, I took a luxurious two-hour nap. Why do we stop napping? It was great in kindergarten, and it's just as great now. We need to sign a bill that requires daily naps. I think everyone would be much happier and more productive. Finally it was time to prep for dinner (more on that tomorrow), and more relax time with the newest People magazine.

And that's it. Simple. No agenda. Nothing that had to be done kind of day.

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