Bump Smitten!

On July 31, 2011, Miss Daisy Grace was born to my lovely friend, T.  As T says, Daisy got her eviction notice in the wee early hours that Sunday and arrived about twelve hours later around 5 pm. Mum and baby are doing well and made it home two days later. I was lucky enough to visit T & Co. in the hospital, but have yet to make it over to their house. I want to give them some time, and with my own mum (that's how folks round these parts say MOM) arriving in a week, I'm saving the visit so that she can come with me.

In related news, T submitted pics of Daisy's nursery and of the shower to a fabulous blog called Bump Smitten. Bump Smitten showcases wonderful ideas for baby showers through submitted photos from followers. T's nursery and shower made the cut and can be seen on the site! The cherry on top for me was that I was credited as the photographer for the shower! My first professional (that's considered professional, right?) credit!! The pics of the nursery (taken by T) were posted on August 3rd in an entry titled Thrift Store Treasures. The shower was posted on the same day and titled Daisy Grace.

I'm so proud to represent T and her new baby girl. And I can't wait to photograph sweet Daisy, again. I tell you what, holding that warm little bundle resonated deeply, in fact I'm sure I said something along the lines of, "I want one."

Who am I kidding? Look at that cheesy-ass smile.
I. Am. So. Ready.

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Mamato3boys said...

What a beautiful baby!