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As posted yesterday, Mom began working on a blouse for me. She spent the whole day cutting, pinning, basting and sewing. When I was little I used to hate being fitted. I was terrified I was going to get poked with one of the needles. And yes, I got poked many times. I got poked a few times yesterday. Didn't like it one bit. But I suppose it is a small price to pay to have custom clothing made. What's even better is Mom said she could make me a few more blouses.  Not in the 48 hours she has left here with us, but when she gets back home. She'll borrow one of my older blouses (another she previously made) and use that as a guide. I put in my request for specific kinds of print (some kind of navy paisley, two black, and red with white polka dots). Mom is pretty confident she'll find what I want in downtown LA, where pretty much you can find anything. Literally anything.

Oh, and she also gave me a pedicure.

Among many other things, Mom can sew, knit, crochet, give pedicures, and cook like a banshee. Now if she only knew how to cut hair...

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tara said...

i want to see the finished blouse!!!