on the rivers

Last night will probably go down as Mom's favorite night here. Big Red's BFF, Josh, has a boat and he was gracious enough to take the three of us out last night. We couldn't have scripted a better evening if we tried. The weather was warm enough that we didn't need sweatshirts, the sun set itself in a bold crimson sky, we could hear and see the Pirates game (PNC Park is right on the river), and the best part? A fireworks show. All seen from the best seats in the house on Josh's boat.

First class, orchestra seating, going down the Allegheny River towards the city skyline. Dig the shoes? Those are a Payless BOGO special circa 2006. I know. You're jealous.

Our pretty little city and one of the river boats.

Josh hit a proverbial home run last night and Mom thanked him profusely. There's something magical about being out on a body of water. Is it because that's where we first started? It feels natural; the quiet bob of the water's life as it crests with breath and falls back into itself. It was a wonderful evening, no doubt. And we have Captain Josh to thank for it.

Found these pics on Mom's camera, and thought I'd add them. The first one is me photographing Daisy, sweating like a hog because it was an inferno upstairs in T's house, and the second one is Mom doing her 'thang. Um, can you tell she's ready to be a grandmother??

More on Mom's trip later.

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