Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet Olive

WARNING: Doggie Post.

Today is Olive's second birthday. I should clarify. Today is the day we chose to be Olive's birthday based on the vet's best guess of when she might have been born. Since Olive was adopted from Animal Friends, her entrance into this world is a little murky. We know she was at a high-kill shelter in Ohio before being rescued and brought to our local shelter. She was underweight and terrified of people. Today she is a well-adjusted, super happy mutt, and we couldn't love her more. Olive is our antidote to dreary days, returning our affection in spades. Yeah, we're crazy about her. Can you blame us?

Dear Olive, you'll never read this and may never understand how lucky we feel we are to have you in our lives. People may call us nuts, but you're worth every party left early, and every happy-hour skipped. Happy 2nd birthday, and welcome to your doggie teenage years.

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