Lyndsey's Maternity Session

Today was Lyndsey's maternity session. The weather has been sketchy the past few days - cold, grey, and rainy - our town's holy trinity. Thankfully, this morning I awoke to clear blue skies and a bright and beautiful sun. Score. We did the shoot in a park that's hidden and happens to be near my house. I didn't even know it existed! I'll definitely have to be taking Olive there soon. The past few days of dank weather left us with soggy leaves and a sloshy muddy ground, but we made it work. Lyndsey and her husband Ryan were fabulous and willing to pose and repose and trek through some mud until the great shots were captured. You know we're all a fan of the bump, so we definitely captured plenty frames with the bump, front and center.

I hope someday after Ryan & Lyndsey's little Miss Kylie is born and grown into her britches, she'll look at these pictures and smile; looking at just these few makes me all warm and giddy.


LyndseyandRyan said...

They turned out even better than I imagined, Ilene. I really encourage you to take photos professionally. You really have a knack for it and we felt totally comfortable during the shoot.
Keep a day open for us in February. We will definitely be booking an appointment with you to photograph Little Miss Kylie.
Lots of love,
Lyndsey (and Ryan)

Light Trigger said...

Love them, specially the 4th photo! Good job!
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Light Trigger