Nancy, the poet

On Monday, Nancy Krygowski visited with my creative writing students. Nancy and I go back fifteen years. When I was a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, she was the instructor who taught my freshman level writing course.

I always enjoyed writing, but never took it seriously. It was Nancy who first propelled me to look at my writing in a new light. I thoroughly enjoyed her class, even when I was exhausted from soccer practices. Hers was a class I never skipped. I guess that implies I may have skipped one or two here and there. Perhaps. Let's just say that the classes I may or may not have skipped start with a "B"(iology). Turns out I wasn't pediatrician type material. Oh well. I got over it.

I was lucky enough to have Nancy a second time around for a higher level course, and in terms of my writing, I've never looked back. I've been writing since, and Nancy and I remained friends.  Before I left for graduate school in the Big Apple, Nancy gifted me a ring she always wore; one I coveted dearly. I wear it still. I believe the story behind it has something to do with a flea market purchase in San Francisco many, many years ago. Besides the fact that I love this ring, I love even more who it came from and the story it carries.

Nancy's visit with my students went wonderfully. They asked thoughtful questions and Nancy's uber cool presence even elicited the following response from one young lady: I just want to write all day and be free. Me too kid, me too. Being around what I like to call a real poet (I still have trouble putting myself into that category - it's like I need to have a book published to hold that title), certainly made me want to write more. In fact, after Nancy's visit I opened up a few dusty files for another looksy at some pieces I hadn't touched in a while. The result? A new submission. Chances are the submission will be rejected, but at least the work is out there. Ya ain't gettin' published unless you put yourself out there! That's the truth. It's not like a Hollywood scout looking for talent. Publishers don't roam the streets questioning passersby if they've got good poetry hidden in their bags. At least there aren't any that I'm aware of. If there are, please send them my way, okay? Thanks.

I was grateful to Nancy for taking the time out of her schedule to come and visit my humble little group.
I'm lucky to have such cool friends.

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