...day 4...

Today marks day four of my participation in the Whole Foods 28-Day Healthy Eating Challenge, and I'm happy to report - so far, so good!

Sunday, I made it to the gym and picked up my free 28-day pass, and then hit Whole Foods, armed with a veggie laden grocery list. Here's what I posted on Facebook after my return: Going in with a very specific grocery list, I definitely felt like less of a tool among the super crunchies, the yuppies, and the bourgeois...AND I managed not to spend my "Whole Paycheck." And it's true. My bill was remarkably similar to what I would have normally spent at my usual go-to-grocery store. Are the tides changing?

I hit the gym on Monday after work and worked out with a trainer (part of the deal was one free evaluative session).  It was a Biggest Loser style session that probably only lasted a half an hour but has had lasting effects on my body, namely the fire-like searing soreness in my arms and ass. Long stretches of walking lunges and squats, and using an industrial sized rope among other brilliant moves. I even went back to the gym yesterday and ran a bit on the treadmill.

I spent the day today teaching with my arms half bent because it hurt too much to straighten them. With regards to my ass, well - it just hurts.

As for what I'm eating, the whole point of this challenge, I'm totally rocking it. I made a vegetarian chili Monday night and it turned out scrumptiously:

Photo Cred: www.ezrapoundcake.com

I followed the recipe I found via a pin on Pinterest, which by the way, I have discovered and for which I've fallen deeply under the spell. The chili recipe was originally posted on the blog "Ezra Poundcake: The Kitchen Confessional of Rebecca Crump." I made a few modifications, swapping out the 4 large tomatoes for a can of crushed tomatoes - I read it incorrectly and bought 4 large potatoes. I had the can of crushed tomatoes and used them without any issues. I omitted the hot spicy stuff and added a few dashes of liquid smoke. I served the chili with brown rice and some corn bread. Once again, the recipe was tested and approved by Big Red, who, as we all know, can sniff out a healthy meal a mile away. He even had seconds. Tonight I reheated my portion and added a few shakes of Red Hot. Yummy.

Next meal on tap is a meatless meatloaf. I'm a little skeptical, but am going to to give it a go anyhow. I am though excited about next week's meals. Last night we had our first nutrition class, and the gentleman leading the way prepared three dishes, all of which were excellent, totally fresh, and totally healthy. This weeks lunches have been big salads, and next weeks lunches will be a quinoa affair. As for dinners - on tap will be a bulgur wheat and tomato stew, as well as a peanut sauced steamed veggie dish.

I haven't weighed myself since last weekend, and won't until this weekend. I don't know if it's a placebo affect, but I feel better and my clothes aren't as snug. I suspect I will have lost something, given my trips to the gym and all the plants, veggies and fruit I'm consuming. In fact, the only processed food I've been eating are my little 100 calorie pretzel packs for snack at work, an occasional whole grain English muffin, and a few bites of a vegan (I know, who thought) chocolate mousse.

Everything else going down this pie hole has been whole food, fresh and unadulterated. Damn. That's definitely some good eats.

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