3.2 lbs.

There isn't much to say today other than I'm just 3.2 lbs. shy of hitting a 20 lb. loss. Which means - I'm almost half way to my goal. Some weeks my numbers are big and some weeks my numbers are small. When I weighed in this morning I only recorded an 0.8 lb. loss. The other week it was 3 lbs.

I hate to admit it, but the damn scale moving is probably the most motivating factor. Sucks I know because the scale doesn't always tell the whole truth, but I'm just being honest.

My clothes are beginning to fit poorly, but because I'm still well into my journey, I don't want to buy anything yet. The other day I had to roll the top of one of my pairs of black work pants. Yes, roll, as in fold over. They don't have belt loops so I had no way of keeping them up other than rolling the top of them as if they were a pair of sweatpants. I guess you could say this is a good great problem to have.

It's early, and a tad bit too chilly out, but I think I'll hitch up the dog and take her for a walk. Then when I get back since I'll be all warmed up, I'm going to hit the elliptical. No sense in wasting a perfectly good morning, and the poor dog hasn't been on a walk for a while because of the weather. It'll do us both some good.

Happy Weekend.


mia said...

20 pounds is a lot!! You should feel great, no matter what the scale says today.. and perhaps a new pair of yoga pants are in order?

ilene. said...

Thanks Mia! I'm really proud of myself and feel wonderful. Today I started P90X - it's ridiculous. No new yoga pants just yet, but it's right around the corner...