P90X = OhEmGee.

*this is insane - www.beachbody.com*
In an effort to avoid the discouraging plateau of weight loss, I've employed the use of P90X. Well, at least I started the program today. That is, AFTER running 4 miles in the frigid just barely above 30 temp with blustery winds. Man did that run suck. But I got through it, came home, and popped in Day 1 of the P90X program.

This sh*t ain't no joke.

It's more than overwhelming to look at the thirteen week schedule, in fact it's horrifying. So instead of looking ahead, I'm just going to focus on whatever workout that needs to be done TODAY, and then maybe I'll think about TOMORROW. But that's it. I don't want to psych myself out.

What I plan to do is a little more than ambitious: combine P90X along with a running schedule. My feet were actually cramping up during the dvd today and I'm wondering if it was a lack of potassium or a lack of hydration. I'll have to read up on that because the cramping was super annoying. It felt as if my toes were trying to bend themselves around one another.

Perhaps it's a placebo affect but I swear my arms already look and feel more cut. It's probably my mind playing tricks on me. Whatever.

Tonight Big Red and I tested out a new recipe - sweet potato burgers. They were good, they just weren't very sturdy. The recipe even warns you of this, but I wasn't ready for the kind of fall-apart softness of these burgers. We ate them on whole wheat organic sesame buns with avocado, onions and some horseradish mustard. Yummo!! Our side was an order of these super delicious salt and vinegar fingerling potatoes. They are incredibly mouth puckering tasty and I highly recommend you try them.

Tomorrow will be leftovers and Day 2 of P90X.

I'll keep you posted.

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