Berkeley Springs, WV.

A weekend that begins with a mineral bath and includes homemade ice cream, a massage, horseback riding, naps, and delicious dinners, should be part of everyone's life. Big Red and I were lucky enough to have spent a wonderful, wonderful weekend in Berkeley Springs, WV. If you live near to this quaint little town, I highly recommend a visit.

We departed around lunch time on Friday, and returned around lunch today. The Country Inn was our home for two nights, and a lovely home it was. We had a suite in the historic portion of the inn that was reached only by traversing some good old fashioned creaky wood stairs decked with paintings and photographs of yore.

This trip was a mini getaway to celebrate 12 years together. Because of Big Red's travelling with his new job, which by the way - he's totally loving!, we can't really do any long vacations. Thus, we hope take a few short weekend trips, Berkeley Springs being the first of the season. We ate dinners at Tari's and the Ambrae House, enjoyed cones from the local ice cream shop, and clomp-clomped on horseback through Cacapon State park. We napped when we felt like it, and we indulged in wine and cheese late into the evenings back in our room.

Perhaps it was the warm mineral waters of Berkeley Springs we bathed in, with their holistic healing properties, that left us both feeling rested and refreshed with smiles on our faces. It couldn't have been a better weekend.

Cheers to 12.

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