It is at THIS point in the year that I generally slip-up and give into the edible temptations that come with the closing of a school year. Inevitably there are parties and potlucks, all of which provide plenty of opportunity to shovel unrelenting amounts of delicious treats down my pie hole. Oh the food - the glorious food! Thus begins the weight gain  portion of my yo-yo rhythm.

It is also around this season that my fine-tuned workout regime starts to fall by the wayside. Again, with the end of the year, because of all the parties and extra-curricular activity, there seems to be little time for working out. Or rather, I'm too tired and "busy" with other crap to work out.

The combined digression of healthy heating and lack of exercise propels me, again, for the umpteenth time into a cycle of gain weight, feel like shit, lose weight, slack off, gain weight. Uh. I'm so over it. So. Over. It.

So here's what's going to be different this time around, because I'm a fiery kind of determined that my efforts of the past four and a half months will not be frittered away. I'm going to first recognize and acknowledge this pattern. Being aware of what is happening is the first step, is it not? As the parties come up and the glorious grub is presented to me in all its splendor, I will allow myself to indulge. What I will not do, as I've previously done, is gorge. I will taste what I want. I will enjoy it. And I will stop. Finally, I have made a commitment to continue exercising at minimum, three times a week. Even if it's just to take Olive on a 30 min walk.

I refuse to gain back the almost 30 lbs. I've lost. Yes, 30!!! Technically, I'm about a half pound away from the big three-oh - close enough. I feel amazing and I don't want to lose that feeling. So if I feel myself slipping and falling back into the quagmire of weight gain, I will remind myself of how well I both look and feel.

Feel free to hold me accountable.

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