This is a recent picture of a little girl that I photograph every month. And this is by far, my favorite one that I've taken - so far. I love how her eyes jump right off the screen. Just love it!

I'm a late bloomer when it comes to photography; I've been lucky enough to have folks in my life who have allowed me to hone my craft on their bellies and babies. Sometimes it can be more than overwhelming when my brain makes an attempt to wrap itself around the seemingly infinite amount to learn when it comes to snapping pics. What I have figured out is that if I get the shot (see it, frame it and capture), much of what I have yet to learn can be corrected or enhanced with magic known as Photoshop. Not that it stops there as Photoshop provides another infinity's worth of information and tricks to learn, but it's a wonderful set of training wheels, if you will.

I am getting more and more comfortable with my camera, practicing by playing around with the different setting combinations, namely the holy trifecta: ISO, shutter speed and aperture. If I'm on a shoot and I'm finding that I can't find the perfect combo, then I revert back to an auto setting. I'd never want to sacrifice a friend or client's pictures just for the sake of my education.

Tomorrow I have another opportunity to photograph a newborn. This particular baby girl will be ten days old and she'll be the center of attention. My friend, Zoe's mom, has also requested a family session. I'm excited as this is my first opportunity to photograph a family of four, and a little nervous. They have a little boy and children can be tricky. Wish me luck!

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