Zoe & Co.

I have to admit, I was a tad nervous for today's photo session with newborn Zoe (just a wee 10 days old!) and her family. I'd never really photographed a family with a newborn and a child. What if I couldn't get good poses? What if the pictures weren't exposed properly? Ugh. I didn't want to let Zoe's mamma, my friend, down.

That was this morning. I've since exhaled and am really happy with what I was able to capture. The whole family was incredibly nice, very accommodating, and even willing to put Zoe, swaddled, atop of an antique stereo. I'm glad they did, cause the resulting pic is incredibly unique and super cute.

Here are a few images from today's session, the newly minted family of four - Zoe & Co:

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