Thanks Mom & Dad.

A card arrived in the mail yesterday from my parents. It was addressed to both Big Red and myself. The front of the card has angels flying among clouds embellished with glitter. It's juvenile and sweet and it made me smile. When I opened the card, a $40 gift certificate for The Cheesecake Factory fell out. Included in the card were the following messages:

Here is a little something to have fun. Things will get better with time but you both have to give yourselves the opportunity. We are always thinking of you guys, you know you have all our support. Love you both always! Mom.

Hang in there; it's always darkest before the dawn! And when the dawn arrives it will be a bright and sunny day. We love you both and know you will succeed. Dad.

My parents are wonderful. Their support has always been the foundation I have stood upon. Never once, has their devotion faltered. Whatever I have ever chased, they were right behind, cheering me on. I'm thirty years old and they're still cheering me on; whooping and hollering louder than anyone else I know.

I am lifted by their love. Always.

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shannon said...

What wonderful supportive parents! I teared up a little while reading this post, thinking about how rock-solid parents can be right when we need that the most. And isn't it amazing that at age THIRTY we sometimes need them more than ever?