My Garden.

It's humble, but it's mine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the mulch doesn't slide down the hill (I got the kind that you're supposed to use on a hillside). And I'm double crossing my fingers that all the plants take. I used rhododendron, Japanese lavender, hydrangea, lilies and a hosta. I also included a shade-loving ground cover that will, if it does it's job, fill in a lot of space.

Just below you can see what the hillside originally looked like. It was full of rocks and brick from when the retaining wall was redone. Apparently no one disposed of the useless material the correct way and instead they threw it all up into the dirt. Needless to say, half the time I was planting I was also digging out stupid rocks.

I really think the red-collored mulch sets things off nicely. I've never used mulch before, but I see it as a cheap quick fix. It's like paint for your garden.

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shannon said...

Wooo! You better WORK! Nice garden beginnings.