Renewed Spirit.

Today is 6.1.09 and as promised to myself I have taken the first steps forward on my new road to health. I just came back from the gym where I took a spin class. It's been a long while since I clicked into the pedals and I felt it. A couple of my toes went numb and my joints felt a little creaky, but hey at least I was on the bike pedaling away for a solid 45 min.

As a little boost to my lifestyle of health I'm considering signing up for a local triathlon. The last one I did was in 2007, and while I'm a little nervous about the whole idea, I think I've already convinced myself to do it.

Big Red and I have been lucky enough to have been introduced to some new friends through our old friends. M and B are super cool and we enjoy their company very much, in fact their the other half of our regular team for Trivia Night. M is active like I am...well, like I was...like I'm getting back into. She's mentioned that she's always wanted to try a triathlon so the other day I asked if she was seriously interested and would she consider it if I found a local one that took place later this summer (we both need time to get back into shape). She said yes! I let my fingers do the searching on the Internet, and voila! I was able to find a sprint (the shortest distance) triathlon for Sunday, August 23. I sent her the email and am now awaiting her reply. I think though that regardless of whether or not M decides to do it, I will.

I'm going to try out a new tilapia recipe tonight; I don't think Big Red is very excited about it but he's willing to give it a go. It's a "tilapia puttanesca" that I found in my Women's Health magazine or Better Homes & Garden; can't remember which one. I enjoy cooking and am always on the lookout for good recipes that are healthy. Big Red continues to forge on sans cigarettes and is finding plenty to do with his idle time since we brought the Bug home.

Time to shower. I stink.

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