Greg Stones Artwork

Yesterday afternoon Big Red and I went downtown for the kick-off of the arts festival. We've never been and friends invited us to join them. There were many vendors selling all kinds of arts and crafts, some incredible and others forgettable. After sipping on some fresh squeezed lemonade we stumbled upon a booth with the most interesting artwork. The artist, Greg Stones, paints in a medium called gouache (sometimes pronounced "gwash"), which is similar to watercolor but heavier and more opaque. The images are miniature-think no larger than a 4x6 and the subject of his art is quite unique. There are zombies and penguins and clowns and flashers. It's dark but loaded with humor. Big Red and I were both very intrigued and so we bought one of his prints. In fact the one we bought is the image above. The title is "Zombies Hate Clowns." And we love it. I see us purchasing more. They're just too cool not to own.

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